Step 5 Offer

All bids received for a property will be put in priority order of bands and date order of application to produce a shortlist of the top three households. We will then check these households to ensure that they can be nominated through to the relevant housing association. In some cases housing associations will not accept households with rent arrears.

The housing association contacts the first household on the list to arrange a viewing. If they are unable to offer the property to that household they will move on to next one on the list.

If you are invited to view a property the housing association will need to see current photographic identification of the main applicant.  If you don't have any photographic identification they will accept a Bracknell Forest Council e+ card. These cards are free.

Find out how to get a Bracknell Forest e+ card.


What happens if I refuse the offer of a property? 

If you are offered 2 suitable properties in a year but refuse them, your application will be suspended and you will be unable to bid for a further 12 months.


When will I hear if I have been successfully accepted by Housing Association? 

You will be contacted directly by the Housing Association if you are successful in your bidding activity 

Please bear in mind that this may not be immediately after the cycle has closed. Ican sometimes take time for a Housing Association to contact you. 

This can be due to the property not being void when advertised and the tenant is waiting to move onto alternative accommodationIf the property is a new build, there could be a delay with the development not being completed. 

If you finished at a high position in the shortlist, then the housing association will work through the names if the person in position one refuses a property. This can take time for them to carry out their checks and make contact. 

Until you are matched to a property then you should continue to bid on properties that are suitable for your needs. 


If I am successful and nominated what happens next? 

You will be contacted by the Housing Association who will check the documentation you have provided to Bracknell Forest Council. They will also carry out an affordability check to make sure you can afford the property you have placed a bid on.  

In the affordability assessment they will look at your income and outgoings. They will take into consideration the rental payments, utility bills, and any commitments you may have e.g., loans, mobile phone contracts, spending etc. You may be asked to provide further proofs to show you can afford the property you have bid on. 


What condition is the property in that I have bid on or matched to? 

When the property is advertised by the Housing Association, checks will have been carried out making sure the property is in a lettable standard as part of their void process. 

Housing Association properties will all have lettable standards they have to adhere to; they may arrange a viewing before all works have been completedIf any works are still to be finished, they will advise you of these and when they should be completed before a final sign up/letting agreement of the property is completed. 


What is supplied in a property? Are they furnished? 

Most of the Housing Association properties will be offered as an empty propertyNo white goods or carpets are usually providedYou would need to check the advert when you place a bid to see if anything has been included. 

Before placing a bid, you will need to make sure you have the funds available to be able to furnish a property. Alternatively, you could check charity websites offering furniture or free ads such as Bracknell Freegle or Bracknell Freecycle 


Why can’t Bracknell Forest Council pay the 2 weeks rent in advance? 

When you place a bid on property, it is your responsibility to make sure you have enough funds available to pay for the rent in advance that the Housing Association are requesting. 

It is not the responsibility of the council to provide these funds for you to secure the property.