Friday, 27-Nov-2015
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Step 2 - Choose


Properties are advertised each week and you can review the adverts at any time.

The adverts will also be accompanied by information that will tell you more about any requirements that might apply to the property.

You can only bid on properties that you are eligible for. Some examples are provided below on where your choice may be restricted.

  • Where properties are allocated for transfer or homeless households
  • If you have a pet and these are now allowed
  • If you are not of a certain age, for example bungalows will generally be restricted to the over 50s
  • If you do not meet the minimum or maximum bedroom needed. For example, if you need only one bedroom then you will not be able to bid on a two-bedroom property.

Once you have had a look at the properties and made a decision on what suits your household you can start bidding.

Properties will also be advertised in a weekly newsletter available from the Council, and distributed to other locations in the borough such as libraries.

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