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The BFCMyChoice Housing Register


Housing Register & Social Housing explained

The Housing Register allows access to social housing in the Borough. To be able to join the Housing Register, you must have an identified housing need and has been living in the borough continuously for 4 years.

Social Housing is property owned by a Local Authority or a Housing Association (Registered Provider). In Bracknell Forest the Council does not own any properties, so all social housing is owned by Housing Associations (Registered Providers).


Who can join the Housing Register?

The Housing Register is open to anyone over the age of 16 years who has an identified housing need and has been living in the borough continuously for  4 years, unless they come within the “ineligible” categories set out in the Housing Act 1996, Part VI and VII as amended and the Homelessness Act 2002 and do not meet the local allocations criteria.

Please see the Housing Allocations Policy for further details about “ineligible” households.

With BFC My Choice there is greater opportunity to find a home of your choice in the area which you would prefer to live.


If you are a member of the Armed Forces, Former Service Personnel applying within 5 years of discharge and / or a spouse of recently deceased Serving Armed Forces Personnel or serving or former members of the Reserve Forces who need to move because of a serious injury, medical condition or disability sustained as a result  and you would like to apply to the Housing Register, please contact the Welfare and Housing Service on 01344 352010 to discuss your situation.


Start exploring this site to find out more about BFC My Choice. Have you completed BFC My Advice? If you haven't, please complete BFC My Advice now. If you have and Social Housing is one of your Housing Options, please go to our registration page.


Social housing must be affordable for you


All housing associations providing rented accommodation require at least one week’s rent in advance. This could be in the region of £250 depending on the size of property that you need. If you are nominated for a property you will need to have this money available before you can sign the tenancy.


When you join the Housing Register, you will be asked to provide evidence of a savings account before your application is made active. If you do not have a savings account at the time you join the Housing Register, you will be asked to set up a HomeSaver account with the United Savings and Loans Credit Union.


If you have a housing related debt, such as rent arrears, former tenant arrears or an unpaid rent deposit loan, you will not be nominated to a housing association property until the debt is cleared or at least substantially reduced.